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7421 ZC Deventer
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Frits Polman

Founder and CEO

Ich habe Guide ID 2003 mit dem Gedanken gegründet, kulturrelevante Informationen möglichst vielen Museumsbesuchern zugänglich zu machen.Ich bin ein kreativer Typ, habe viele Ideen für die Zukunft des Unternehmens und treibe gerne den Rest des Guide ID Teams hin und wieder in den Wahnsinn. Ich liebe natürlich meine drei Kinder, spiele gerne Tennis, fahre Snowboard, treffe mich mit Freunden und reise in andere Länder.

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Petra Brinkhof - de Rijk

Global Sales Manager

Nach 13 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der internationalen Geschenkartikelbranche wechselte ich 2005 in die durchaus inspirierendere Welt des Kulturerbes. In diesem Bereich kann ich unternehmerisches Arbeiten mit meinem Interesse an Kunst verbinden. Ich habe einen Masterabschluss in Französisch und Literatur. Neben Museen gehe ich gerne ins Theater und besuche Konzerte. Mein Mann und ich haben drei sportbegeisterte Kinder. An den Wochenenden feuern wir unsere Kinder an oder treiben selbst Sport.

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Lisette Fühler

Accountmanager Netherlands

At Guide ID I’m Accountmanager Internal Sales, so I will be responsible for keeping in touch with our clients and making sure they are all happy. After my Masters in art history and several years of experience in museums, I know something about telling stories to a broad audience from the ‘museum-point of view’. In my free time visit museums, love watching movies and series, read about interior design and enjoy the outdoors.

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Jeff Danziger

Regional Sales Director -USA

I am a long time sales professional that came into the audio tour world seven years ago and proceeded to fall in love with the museum and cultural attraction space. I particularly enjoy helping institutions bring their amazing stories to life. In the process, the travel, art and culture that comes with what we do inspires me every day. On a personal level, I enjoy spending time with my family as well as enjoying the outdoors and playing guitar.

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Xaver von Treyer

Business Manager Germany

Born and raised in Italy, I relocated to Germany in 1988. I briefly left to get my Audio Engineering Diploma in Sydney and lived in Berlin ever since. I can proudly say ‘I am a Berliner’. For 20 years I was just a record producer, audio engineer and DJ, but 6 years ago I was thrown into the world of exhibitions by chance and I love it. Art, culture & technology really drive me. I like the challenge of diving deep into exhibition themes with the client and find the best possible solution to create a lasting visitor experience. I also love to ride bikes like I stole ‘em…

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Susanne Brown - de Haas

Customer Support Team

Meine Aufgabe bei Guide ID besteht darin, unseren Kunden alles Nötige zukommen zu lassen und ihnen bei jederart auftauchenden Fragen oder Problemen zu helfen. Meine Arbeit, vor allem der Kundenkontakt, gefällt mir sehr. Ich lache gerne und oft und habe mit meinen Kollegen viel Spaß. Wenn ich nicht arbeite, genieße ich mein Familienleben mit meiner kleinen Tochter und meinem Ehemann, der übrigens nicht Mitchell Brown, sondern sein Bruder ist.

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Wendy Altena

Customer Support Team

At Guide ID I am responsible for logistics, supplies and am also one of the helpdesk team members. Within the helpdesk I work towards helping all out clients solve any issues they have and help answer all their questions. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and going out to dinner. I have also just started doing sports again and really enjoy winter sports like skiing.

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René Wissink

Design & Customer Support Team

Working as an Interior Architect &Graphic Designer, I introduced Guide ID into a museum-project on Curaçao in 2009. Everything that has ties to Design at Guide ID has my attention.
Architecture, Design, Visual Communication & Arts are my joy in work. Father of two grown up kids and a great girlfriend. Love cooking, reading, photography, Netflix and visiting exhibitions.
Not a shopping type ;-)

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Mark Hattink

Head of software development

Nach meinem Studium bin ich per Zufall in ein Programmierprojekt für Guide ID reingerutscht und arbeite heute immer noch da. Computer, Grafikdesign und Musik gehören neben Flipper und Pachinko (パチンコ) zu meinen vielen Hobbys. Ich gehe auch gerne auf Konzerte/Festivals und ins Kino. Ich bin eher der technische Typ und habe für Sport nicht wirklich viel übrig, der einzige Sport in meinem Leben ist Kartfahren. Irgendwann in der Zukunft möchte ich einmal nach Japan. Es ist eines der wenigen Länder, die mich wirklich faszinieren. じゃね !

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Hugo Klaassens

Development Team

Originally from the game design world, I figured out programming for games and for ‘real’ projects isn’t so different at its core. Creating code ‘puzzle pieces’ and putting them together to form a user-friendly ‘picture’ is what I enjoy doing, and I’m happy I can do lots of it here at Guide ID.
In my free time I enjoy playing games, watching various flavors of TV series, reading books in a park when there’s good weather, and ice skating in winter.

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Taco Wannee

Development Team

For more than 20 years I'm developing software, always keeping the user experience in mind. I did a great job designing software for cash registers for hairdressers, which I built from scratch and is now used by more than 300 hairdressers in the country.
Here at Guide ID I'm also working on software that is reliable and works smoothly.
Besides work I like to spend time with my family. We all like to go to museums, so with our Museumcard we go to museums frequently.

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Taco Eelman

Development Team

At Guide ID I’m working on the firmware inside the electronic devices. In my freetime I play korfball in Enschede. When I’m not busy with sports I’m usually playing games with friends, or watching a serie or good movie on my beamer at home. Of course in combination with a nice cold “Weizen” beer.

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