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People are pleased with the Podcatcher.

Results of visitor research at Singer museum and the Wereldmuseum

The visitors of musea, zoo’s and castles, are the end users of the Podcatcher. That is why their opinion is important for Guide ID. Therefore a survey has been carried out at Singer museum (Laren, NL) and the Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam, NL). The outcome: people are very pleased with the Podcatcher!

“The Podcatcher increases the delight of visiting a museum!” according to a gentleman at Singer Laren. He and others point out the benefits of the absence of earphones. “Usually, my wife and I both walk around with earphones in our ears. Isolated, and both in our own world. The Podcatcher makes interaction possible.”

Ease of Use
The survey research focused on the physical features of the Podcatcher, such as ease of use, the weight and the design. The Podcatcher is seen as very user friendly. The easy method of scanning the IDentifiers is mentioned a lot. “The possibility to choose your own route, is excellent”, tells a couple at the Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam, NL). One seems not always aware of the weight of the Podcatcher: “..this device is simply as light as a feather”, according to a female visitor. Especially for the elderly, this is a very relevant advantage. Although design does not seem to be a pre, one points at the fine looks of the Podcatcher. The custom design of the museums is seen as a beautiful addition.

How to improve?
What should be changed about the Podcatcher? An elderly woman pointed out that the sound should be louder. She was not able to fully hear the audio tour at the exhibition. Showing her the volume button solved her problem. Henceforth, Guide ID aims to improve communication about this feature, in order to prevent a situation like this.

A woman at Singer museum (Laren, NL) doubts the hygiene of the Podcacther. “Everybody holds the device to their ear.” In order to guarantee the hygiene, Guide ID provides a tissue-box with the Podcatcher. This can be used to clean the devices.

Focus on the object on display, not the device
Most visitors use the mobile tour simply to get additional information. The Podcatcher seems to perfectly fit this desire. The lack of a screen is not seen as a shortcoming. “Without a screen, I am able to focus on the actual art. I’d rather see movies and pictures at home, behind my own computer”, according to many respondents.

The public is very pleased with the Podcatcher. Knowing this, we, Guide ID, are very pleased as well.