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Newsletter October 2015

Guide ID has been busy the past 6 months! A great number of new international customers have been welcomed to the platform including Guildhall, The Pendon Museum and The National Maritime Museum Greenwich in the UK and in Belgium, the Gallo-Roman Museum. In Germany we have welcomed the Focke Museum.

For the beer-lovers De Koninck Experience has just opened in Antwerp. In a variety of rooms with a mixture of themes visitors are informed about Antwerp as a beer city, Belgian beers and the complete brewing process. Many interactive tools and audio visual special effects create a 360° total experience. You can read more about this project further on in the newsletter.

I am extremely thankful to our clients for the confidence they have in Guide ID and hope that we can continue to have such a good relationship with them. We hope to meet and speak to you soon during the MA conference and exhibition on the 4th and 5th November in Birmingham or during one of the many walk-ins we have planned in London.

Frits Polman

New Projects

Some of our new projects:

Focke Museum, Bremen, Germany
Fußball. Halleluja! (Football Halleluja)
After Amsterdam and Basel, the successful traveling exhibition “Football Hallelujah” is now traveling to Bremen. Starting on the 17th October until the 28th March 2016 the exhibition will be displayed at the Focke Museum in Bremen. It is an interactive exhibition about heroes, rituals and superstition within football.

For this exhibition Guide ID is supplying the Podcatcher and the interactive exhibition is in multiple languages.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution, opening at the National Maritime Museum on 20 November 2015-28 March 2016, will be the largest ever exhibition about the famous diarist with 200 objects from national and international museums, galleries and private collections.
Guide ID will deliver the audio guide in English and MapMyVisit

De Koninck Experience, Antwerp Belgium
Over the past months the Koninck Brewery has been transformed into an amazing experience. The new interactive brewery tour will fully immerse you in the world of this Antwerp City Brewery. It will be informative, it will be exciting but most of all, it will be lots of fun!
The Podcatcher, combined with our AV-sync tool, will be used to offer the tour in Dutch, English, French and German.

Guildhall, City of London
Guide ID is delighted to announce that Guildhall has agreed to use the Podcatcher Platform for the Guildhall Art Gallery and 2000 year old Roman Amphitheatre as of October 2015.

Want to see more recent projects: click here


Successful Summer for MapMyVisit

These museums started recently with MapMyVisit:
Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam (Nld)
De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam (Nld)
Hermitage aan de Amstel, Amsterdam(Nld)
Museum van de 20e eeuw, Hoorn (Nld)
Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Amsterdam(Nld)
Museum M, Leuven, Belgium
Pendon Museum, Abingdon

What is MapMyVisit?

This is the latest addition to the Marketing element of Podcatcher platform. MapMyVisit has been developed to help heritage sites stay connected with their visitors. Besides this its is possible to offer all content and extra content after visit, online. Visitors can then listen en view their favorite stops again. Furthermore you can offer visitors matching merchandise to create extra income. Linking visitors via social media is also a huge plus within the system. Interested in using MapMyVisit for free for 6 months? It is really simple to adapt a current tour for MapMyVisit!
For more information, please contact our client services department.

Some reactions by visitors (received by e-mail):

June 2015, New Church Amsterdam:
Dear people,
What a wonderful service this is! Listening at home, while relaxing, at the (missed) stories that we heard at the “History and Royalty” exhibition. I would recommend that all interesting exhibitions should participate and get this service (MapMyVisit red.)
Please continue with this! Have a good evening!

August 2015, Museum of the 20st century, Hoorn
Hello, it was wonderful. Hope to come again. Thank you for your mail and nice films and photos.

Quotes on Tripadvisor

Visitors think the following about our audio tours

Museum Our Lord in the Attic, Amsterdam
"Unexpected historical gem"
14 June 2015
Coincidentally, I ended up in this museum when I walked through Amsterdam. You have no idea how much history and beauty your will find behind this facade. Nice to see the hidden church in such a good condition.The audio tour will bring you along all kinds of painting and objects that reveal the background of this beautiful museum.

Zaans Museum, Zaandam
21 May, 2015
This is a fun, entertaining and informative museum! Definitely worth a couple of hours during your day at Zaans Schaans. My kids loved the audio tour and being able to see all the products of this region of Holland.

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15 Mai. 2018 Jüdisches Museum Berlin Berlin (Deutschland) Registrieren
16 Mai. 2018 Jüdisches Museum Berlin Berlin (Deutschland) Registrieren
16 Mai. 2018 Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam/World Press Amsterdam (Niederlande) Registrieren
22 - 23 Mai. 2018 Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam/World Press Amsterdam (Niederlande) Registrieren
25 Mai. 2018 Groeningemuseum Brugge (Belgien) Registrieren