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Red Light Secrets - NL

Personal stories of a prostitute

In the middle of the Red Light district, you can find an intriguing visitor attraction about the oldest profession in the world. Use the Podcatcher to listen to the stories of the ladies themselves, their dreams and wishes.

Catherine, the Greatest - NL

A fairy tale

The Hermitage Amsterdam is offering all visitors of the 'Catherine, the Greatest' exhibition a free audio tour using the Podcatcher. The whole audio tour has been developed in a fairy tale style using three voice artists, Bram van der Vlugt, Thekla Reuten en Jeremy Baker. Visitors who leave their email address on the MapMyVisit console will all be able to enjoy the tour at home.

The Rembrandt House Museum - NL

Historical place in the centre of Amsterdam

The Rembrandt House Museum is where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1658 and produced some of his most famous works. From mid April 2016 the Rembrandt House Museum offers the Podcatcher to all visitors. The tour is available in 10 languages and will be offered via a Self Service desk. Beside from the audiotour, the museum will also integrate MapMyVisit.

Amsterdam Museum - NL

Amsterdam DNA, now with the Podcatcher

We are proud to announce that the Amsterdam Museum has chosen the Podcatcher. From mid-January 2016 all visitors will receive a Podcatcher within the entrance fee. The tours are available for the permanent collection and exhibitions. Our after visit tool “MapMyVisit, shall also be installed at the Amsterdam Museum. This way visitors can also enjoy the tour at home on their personal tour page.

National monument Camp Vught - NL

Launch of audio tour

From Thursday the 7th July a Dutch Podcatcher audio tour, about the touching camp story during the war years 1943-'44, will be available for visitors of the Camp Vught National Monument.

Camp Vught was the only official SS-concentration camp outside of Germany. In under two years more than 32000 men, woman and children were held captive. With over 750 deaths due to starvation, disease, abuse, exhaustion and executions.

The Podcatcher will guide visitors during their visit. There are 20 audio stops spread across the camp terrain. The tour includes quotes from former camp prisoners.

Musée Gadagne, Lyon, France

Football paradise!

The internationally traveling exhibition Devinement Foot will be on show during the European cup in Lyon. We could not thought of any better timing than that! From the 21st April till 4th September 2016 the Museum Gadagne opens their doors for the football fans. Football brings out emotions within a community, just like religion does. The exhibition shows unique objects and footage. Every visitors gets a Podcatcher to listen to the stories, songs and archive files with.


Nature museum, seal shelter and sea aquarium

Ecomare on the island of Texel is a nature museum, seal shelter, sea aquarium and a bird shelter. It lies in the middle of the National Part ‘Duinen van Texel’. From mid-March visitors of Ecomare will be using the Podcatcher for the exhibitions. The tours is available for €1 at the cash register and available in Dutch, English and French.

House of Bols

Cocktails & Genever experience

House of Bols has be refurbished to a new interactive experience. The Podcatcher is now available to all visitors as personal Guide. Together with our partner Yipp, interactive people, the Podcatcher will be available as an interactive tool as well. Besides this Bols will be using our latest development, the Long Range AV-sync IDentifier. When a visitor enters a room audio will automatically be triggered on the Podcatcher, in sync with the video projection in that room.

DWDD Pop-up museum 2

William looks at art

The Dutch TB program 'De wereld draait door' is organising, for the second year running, the Pop-Up Museum in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam, from 29 January till the end of May 2016. The theme this year is: Hidden artworks. ^guest curators have dived into the archives looking for hidden artworks. Each guest curator has one area within the museum, which has been designed to their taste. Sander Van de Pavert, famous for his sketches on the Dutch Royal Family chose the Maurits House in Amsterdam. In his special audio tour he used the sketch voices for the commentary of the tour.

Hunting lodge sint Hubertus

A hidden treasure in the Hoge Veluwe Park

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus was designed by the renowned architect Hendrikus Petrus Berlage (1856-1934). Berlage had already worked for the Kröllers before landing this illustrious contract; he was commissioned to design an office building in London. He also designed the Schipborg - a model farm in Anloo, a village in the Dutch province of Drenthe. The design contract for the building that would forever link the names Berlage and Kröller-Müller, was likely signed in early 1915. Groups tours are available for visitors, but for foreign languages visitors the Podcatcher will be available.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Spanish Masters.

De Hermitage Amsterdam has asked the Dutch Classical Music DJ Von Rosenthal to produce a mix for the exhibition Spanish Masters from the Hermitage.
As a visitor to the Hermitage you receive a Podcatcher. If you regist your Podcatcher with your email address you can even enjoy the tour at home. You will find a MapMyVisit console at the audio desk.
The audio guide from the Spanish Masters is also available for your smart phone. You can download the Podcatcher App for free for IOS or Android. You will find the App in the App store or Google Play store by searching Guide ID Podcatcher. Once downloaded you can scroll down to “Hermitage” and download the Spanish Masters tour.

Museum Gouda

Museum Gouda puts the life and ideas of Erasmus in the spotlight

In 2016 Museum Gouda puts the life and ideas of Erasmus in the spotlight with the exhibition 'Erasmus, ik wijk voor niemand'

Erasmus grew up 550 years ago in Gouda.
Just as Erasmus travelled throughout Europe and developed and sharpened his views through varying contacts, so the visitor to this exhibition will go with him on a similar journey through his mind. From Gouda in 1466 to Basel in 1536, from Europe in the 16th century to Europe in the 21st century.

The exhibition is from the 6th of February till the 26th of June 2016.

In collaboration with the Historical Museum Basel.

Dutch National Museum of Antiquities

Tours for adults and kids

We are proud to announce that the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities has chosen to use the Podcatcher. On the 15th of December 2015 the museums reopend after renovations to the galleries. The audo guides are available for adults and kids.

Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, The Netherlands

CERAMIX, temporary exhibition 16/10-31/01/2016

From 16 October till 31 January 2016 the Bonnefanten museum will have the temproary exhibition CERAMIX. In cooperation with Cité de la Céramique (Sèvres, France), la Maison Rouge (Paris, France), the Bonnefanten Museum will expose more than 250 master pieces.
CERAMIX is the story about ceramic art from early 20th century till now. With works of artists like Matisse, Rodin, Picasso, Thomas Schütte and Ai Weiwei.

The audio guide will be available in English and Dutch

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution, opening at the National Maritime Museum on 20 November 2015-28 March 2016, will be the largest ever exhibition about the famous diarist with 200 objects from national and international museums, galleries and private collections.

Through Samuel Pepys’ commentary, based on excerpts from his diary, the audio guide provides a personal narrative for the historical events and objects displayed in the exhibition Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution. The audio guide covers events throughout Pepys’ lifetime, from his first diary entry to his remarks on Charles II, reporting on the plague and the revolution, to his good friend John Evelyn writing of his death. The excerpts bring Pepys’ written words to life, and through his recollections we can understand what life was like in the 17th century.

Guide ID will deliver the audio guide in English and MapMyVisit

Gallo-Römischen Museum, Tongeren, Belgien

Gladiatoren - Helden des Kolosseums

Auge in Auge in der Arena. Höchste Konzentration, wahre Todesverachtung. Jeder Hieb kann tödlich sein und jeder Kampf der letzte. Die atemberaubende Welt der Gladiatoren hält Einzug in Tongeren. Vom 24. Oktober 2015 bis 3. April 2016 im Gallo-Römischen Museum. Mit absoluten Spitzenstücken aus vielen europäischen Museen. Und vor allem in einer einzigartigen Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kolosseum in Rom.
Authentische Waffen, Helme, Beinschützer und viele andere beeindruckende Attribute regen die Fantasie an. Diese Spitzenstücke werden zusammen mit Grabsteinen, Götterskulpturen, Gebrauchsgegenständen,... die Welt der Gladiatoren zu neuem Leben erwecken. Auch die lebensgroßen Figuren, die mitreißenden Filme und die faszinierenden interaktiven Installationen und Workshops,... werden auf jeden Fall dazu beitragen.

Die Ausstellung wird sicher eine unvergessliche Gesamterfahrung.
Guide ID liefert den Audioführer in vier Sprachen und auch MapMyVisit.

The Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Exhibition "The 20th century-mirroring time in ceramics"

From 5 September 2015 the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics will showcase the previous century. With the exhibition The 20th century – mirroring time in ceramics the museum presents ceramics as the cultural memory of the 20th century. From teenager-ceramics to rocket vases, from avant-garde to mass production.
Frans Leidelmeijer, a specialist in art and design from the 1880s to the present, is the guest curator of this exhibition.

The Podcatcher audio guide is produced by Gus Maussen in close cooperation with the museum. The tour is available in Dutch.

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Horst P. Horst, Photographer of Style

The Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the first major retrospective exhibition in the Netherlands of the work of Horst P. Horst (1906-1999), one of the most important fashion photographers of the twentieth century. During his celebrated career, Horst P. Horst worked mainly in Paris, London and New York. As a regular photographer for Vogue, he photographed work of prominent couturiers such as Coco Chanel, he portrayed Hollywood stars such as Marlene Dietrich, and cooperated with artists such as Salvador Dali. Accordingly, he depicted the world of fashion, art, design and theatre in the finest detail. The Podcatcher audio tour is in English and Dutch available.

The British Dental Association (BDA) Museum, London

An in-depth Audio tour of Dental History

Has one of the largest collections of dental heritage in the U.K.
Telling the story of how dentistry has developed from a marketplace spectacle to the complex procedures and treatment of today.

Based near Oxford Circus in London, the Museum is a great addition to the Guide ID portfolio providing an in-depth audio tour of Dental History.

The Koninck City Brewery, Antwerp

Feel the sensation of the Koninck Experience!

Over the past months the Koninck Brewery has been transformed into an amazing experience. The new interactive brewery tour will fully immerse you in the world of this Antwerp City Brewery. It will be informative, it will be exciting but most of all, it will be lots of fun!
A variety of fascinating theme areas will reveal the many facets of Antwerp as beer city, Belgian beers in general and the entire brewing process. Numerous interactive media and audio-visual effects will ensure a 360° total experience! The Podcatcher, combined with our AV-sync tool, will be used to offer the tour in Dutch, English, French and German.

Fort Pannerden

A new tour after a large refurbishment

Fort Pannerden is a former 19th century fort in the Dutch county of Lingewaard. IN 1969 the fort gained the status of National Monument and since 2005 it is a part of the National Project for the new Dutch Waterline. The fort is undergoing a huge refurbishment. During the re-opening in the spring of 2016 we will be launching a new audio tour.

Bannockburn Centre, Stirling

700. Jahrestag der Schlacht

Bannockburn Centre wird Anfang 2014 eröffnet, rechtzeitig um den 700. Jahrestag der Schlacht darzustellen. Das Center ist eine Sehenswürdigkeit in der Nutzung von eindringende digitale Technik in Museen, um die Kämpfer ins Leben zu erwecken und um eine Schlacht auf ein genaues Gelände zu spielen. Der Podcatcher wird dafür verwendet, um dieses einzigartiges Erlebnis, für alle nicht-englischsprachige Besucher, anzubieten. Dieses Projekt ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Bright White, die alle Konzepte, Schema und Detail für die Schlacht von Bannockburn-Center entwickelt haben.

Eastnor Castle & Deer park

Highlights tour!

Starting in March Eastnor castle will be using the Podcatcher to provide a highlights tour to all visitors, for a small extra fee of £1.00. The tour will be available in English and will show visitors the best highlights of this amazing castle and garden.