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We won!

Entrepreneur of 2017 in the city Deventer


Frits Polman has won the Entrepreneur of 2017 in the city of Deventer with Guide ID. From our head office in Deventer, The Netherlands, we help museums worldwide telling their stories. With the Podcatcher audio guide we're expanding horizons of many museum visitors all around the globe.

Click here to see the video of Frits.

The Guide ID team


How to make fall more fun?

Newsletter October 2017

Autumn is now here and outside it’s getting colder. Fortunately things are more enjoyable inside: museums open their doors for beautiful autumn exhibitions, where you can listen to the most beautiful stories with the Podcatcher. Inside the Guide ID offices we are working hard to make this possible.

Our technical department is currently working hard on updating our TourEditor platform to continue to make it as user friendly as possible. As many of our client partners already know, you can easily create and manage audio tours and view the data in our Analytics tool already, but this will be even easier in the updated version. In addition, we are also busy creating a new IDentifier that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. That means that all IDentifiers will be waterproof and that the housing will be even more robust.

We are proud that the Podcatcher continues to be the preferred method for our clients to tell their stories as they help to broaden the horizons of their visitors. On that topic, we gladly offer 5 suggestions to continue to broaden your horizons this autumn!

Enjoy reading!
The Guide ID team


Expanding our horizons

Newsletter June 2017

So kurz vor Sommerbeginn ist es höchste Zeit für ein Sommer-Update! Bei Guide ID waren wir zwischenzeitlich alles andere als untätig. In diesem Newsletter berichten wir, was sich alles bei uns getan hat.

Im Februar war es soweit: Der Podcatcher spielte den einhundertmillionsten Beitrag – ein ganz besonderer Moment, den wir mit unseren Kunden ausgiebig feierten. Unterdessen tickt der Zähler weiter. Und so freuen wir uns schon auf die nächste runde Zahl: 200 Millionen.

Mit der Zahl der Inhalte wächst auch das Guide ID-Team. So sind wir nun auch in Deutschland vertreten. Der Hauptsitz in den Niederlanden wurde erweitert und zählt nun einen Account Manager, zwei Helpdesk-Mitarbeiter, Designer und vier neue Mitarbeiter im Entwicklungsteam. Auf unserer website stellen sie sich vor.

Dieses Frühjahr nahmen wir an zwei Jahreskonferenzen in den Vereinigten Staaten teil, an Museums and the Web und dem Kongress der American Association of Museums. Beide Veranstaltungen waren ein großer Erfolg. Auch in Europa stehen bereits vielversprechende Events an. In diesem Newsletter erfahren Sie, wo Sie uns in den kommenden Monaten finden können.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen und einen schönen Sommer wünscht Ihnen
Ihr Guide ID-Team


100.000.000 stories told!


Yesterday(23 February) Frits Polman, Managing Director of Guide ID, brought some special Podcatcher cakes to the Museum 'Our Lord in the Attic' in Amsterdam. Nikki Pootjes from the e-culture department at the Amsterdam Museum, who work closely together with Our Lord in the Attic, took delivery of the cakes

The special occasion was the milestone Guide ID reached last week: on February 15th the 100 millionth story was listened to with a Podcatcher, Guide ID's audio guide player.

A great occasion to have a celebration with the museum and its staff!

On a personal note for Frits, 'Our Lord in the Attic' is a special customer. "It’s really special that this milestone happened at the museum, Our Lord in the Attic. During the big renovation the Podcatcher was already being used, some years ago and I used to invite other museums to come and use the audio guide. After, I would speak with people in the small kitchen. I can now say that we were then at the beginning of the large expansion and growth we have been through the last few years. In the meantime the Podcatcher has been used for over 350 projects and internationally we are doing great. I am very very proud that all these stories have been told in so many different places. Soon we will be celebrating this with all of our loyal customers!


Guide ID is crossing borders

Newsletter November 2016

After a very busy summer it is time for an autumn update from Guide ID. During the last months we've delivered several bigger and smaller projects, we've traveled the world and we've been opening a new office in the US. Our international ambition is still growing and we would love to help you tell your fantastic stories to people all over the world.

Currently our offices are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Ireland and in the US. But we've also developed wonderful Podcatcher audio guides in Sweden, Germany and we're busy with a great Portuguese project. You find our complete team on our website, don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance!

Each year, the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds helps 10 SME’s achieve their international ambitions. Last year Guide ID was one of the winners. We were invited to join their trip to New York, where we were very much inspired and energized by other cultural entrepreneurs and museums.

Have a great autumn!
Best wishes,

the Guide ID team