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Over 5.000.000 tours!

Newsletter July 2016

Over 5 million tours have been listened to on the Podcatcher!
Besides the listened to tours, an uncountable amount of stories have been shared across the globe. And because it is our mission to tell as many stories as possible and to share these stories, we are hugely proud of this accomplishment.
Ambitious as we are, we have raised the bar.
Guide ID is growing, and fast! After the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Curacao and Tanzania, the Podcatcher will now also be available in America, Italy and Portugal.
In this newsletter we would like to inform you about the latest firmware update and tell you more about new projects. As always you can contact us if you would like more information on anything.
Have a great summer!

The Guide ID team


Bring the museum to life!

Newsletter April 2016

"Our Real Gold" is the theme of the Museum week 2016 in the Netherlands, where Guide ID's HQ is based. This theme hooks into museums showing off their real showpieces. At Guide ID we truly believe that all visitors should not only get to see the showpieces but also hear the stories behind them. Every museum piece has its own stories, which can be told in many different ways. A great example of this can be heard at the Museum of the twentieth century, in Hoorn, The Netherlands. They have developed a great family quiz on the Podcatcher platform and use it to tell their stories in a very fun and interactive way.
More and more museums are offering the Podcatcher to all visitors via self-service. During our last seminar we highlighted this service and zoomed in on a few live projects. The new DNA tour at the Amsterdam museum was used as the main case study.
We are now working very hard to expand our vision, on getting all your stories told, internationally. Over the coming months we will be working on many international projects and we will keep you up to date.

Best wishes,

The Guide ID Team


The year of the new audio tour

Newsletter February 2016

The term 'audio tour' is often associated with wrong and old fashion thoughts. People often think of large audio bats, audio that goes on forever, difficult to operate devices and a general service that costs lots of time and money. The thing is that this is no longer the case and defiantly not with the Podcatcher. We continue to develop the system with the philosophy of always using a simple and easy to use device for the visitors and museum, but always create an outstanding experience and tour by cleverly using interactive technology. You can read more about this in our 'Spotlight Projects’ piece or experience it during one of our Walk-ins.

Please do join us during one of our walk-ins or contact us if you have any questions!

The Guide ID Team


Create something special, but keep it simple

Newsletter October 2015

Guide ID has been busy the past 6 months! A great number of new international customers have been welcomed to the platform including Guildhall, The Pendon Museum and The National Maritime Museum Greenwich in the UK and in Belgium, the Gallo-Roman Museum. In Germany we have welcomed the Focke Museum.

For the beer-lovers De Koninck Experience has just opened in Antwerp. In a variety of rooms with a mixture of themes visitors are informed about Antwerp as a beer city, Belgian beers and the complete brewing process. Many interactive tools and audio visual special effects create a 360° total experience. You can read more about this project further on in the newsletter.

I am extremely thankful to our clients for the confidence they have in Guide ID and hope that we can continue to have such a good relationship with them. We hope to meet and speak to you soon during the MA conference and exhibition on the 4th and 5th November in Birmingham or during one of the many walk-ins we have planned in London.

Frits Polman


Connecting people to museums

Newsletter June 2015

The first half year of 2015 is almost behind us. For us this was a busy period in which many new projects were launched. Not only in the Benelux and UK has the confidence in Guide ID grown, but we are seeing a growth in projects outside of this area. For example we just launched a project in Switzerland for a very famous chocolate brand. Within this chocolate experience the Podcatcher is your chocolate guide to everything.

August and September will see the launch of Pendon Museum in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and The Dental Museum in London. Pendon Museum help visitors to appreciate life in rural England in 1920s and 30s. It does this through a series of model dioramas. As the museum is almost entirely run by volunteers developing the Audio Tour will help the Museum open more frequently and with less staff. This will also allow the experience to be more family friendly. The Dental Museum is located in the heart of the West End in London and they will be showcasing an in-depth tour of Dental History.

More and more museums are signing up for MapMyVisit; this is great news! This unique expansion to our platform which we launched in 2014, is turning into a huge success. Both museums and visitors are enthusiastic about MapMyVisit. More on MapMyVisit can be found here.

Everything combined, it has been a great start to 2015. The client list is always growing and we are thankful to our loyal customers who are still confident about our products. We will continue to invest in these great relationships. For Guide ID the customer and their visitors are always number one!

Our team has also be strengthened during the last few months with Wendy Altena (Helpdesk and Logistics) and Cuno van der Feltz (Marketing and PR). We wish them both the best of luck and fun with Guide ID.

We will be having a Walk-in at the Black Cultural Archives on the 21st July, spots are extremely limited so if you wish to take a Tour of “Staying Power” Exhibition using the Podcatcher please do e-mail here or check our other walk-in dates.

Frits Polman