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Persönliche Erfahrungen und Kommentare

All unsere Kunden nutzen die Plattform auf unterschiedliche Weise. Sie wählen in Abhängigkeit ihres Bedarfs und ihres Budgets selbst, welche Funktionen der Plattform sie nutzen. Wir haben einen beachtlichen Bestand an Kunden, die langfristig mit uns zusammenarbeiten! Der Hauptgrund hierfür ist unsere solide Plattform und die Tatsache, dass wir offen für Feedback sind und auf der Grundlage von Ideen unserer Kunden neue Instrumente entwickeln.

Cheddar Gorge & Caves

Cheddar, United Kingdom

The guide ID system is brilliant, it’s easy to use, reliable and our guests find it easy to use. The triggers are in a cave which is at a constant 98% humidity and they haven’t broken down; they work every time!

The feedback from our guests has been great since we installed the system. From the start the support that we have had has been good and even now we are up and running the Guide ID team are on hand to help us keep our system functioning well. We have recently installed the feedback option to the system as well as the AV sync and it is great.

The back office function is easy to use and gives us a great insight into our guest behaviour, footfall, dwell times and more recently it’s giving us our guest feedback.

Leon Troake, Operations Manager, Cheddar Gorge & Caves

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, VA, USA

The Podcatcher system from Guide ID has truly transformed how we deliver on-site media content to guests at Mount Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington.

We are able to interpret spaces that we were unable to before, bringing in character voices, music, sound effects and guided narration. The web-based update system allows us to easily manage and publish content with a click of a button, enabling us to update our interpretation content more frequently. This is especially useful to provide context for temporary programs and restoration projects.

Guests also enjoy using the Guide ID system. For an estate that is over 180 acres of walkable land, guests can be here several hours. The compact size and lightweight form factor of the device is more pleasant to tour with and the ability to point and listen to an interpretation point has reduced guest confusion of our previous dial-a-number system. Because of all these intelligent design factors we have been able to double our audio tour sales since the launch of the Guide ID platform.

We couldn't be more happy with Guide ID and the Podcatcher system. It's a platform that we will continue to integrate throughout our entire guest experience.

Matt Briney, Vice President of New Media, George Washington's Mount Vernon

Piece Montee & Tijdsbeeld

Long Live the Music! Ghent, Belgium

For our music exhibition "Long Live the Music" we have used the Guide ID technology to the maximum and on all fronts. This exhibition focuses on experience and in Guide ID we found the ideal (and affordable) partner to realize this. To call the Podcatcher an audioguide here is clearly an understatement. It has become the beating heart of the exhibition.

To realize our wishes, there has been a lot of consultation and support with the technical team of Guide ID who have also tested and adapted their software where necessary. We are very pleased with the result and the cooperation.

Rik Jacques, Director Piece Montee & Tijdsbeeld (Creative Production Agency )

Rembrandt House Museum

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the Rembrandt House Museum we have been using the Podcatcher audio guides since May 2016.
Since then, we've been distributing the players via a self-service cabinet where a volunteer is often assisting visitors to start their tours. Once inside the museum, IDentifiers are strategically placed in the various rooms to access audio content by simply pointing at those triggers. A second method for accessing audio content is via a numeric keypad on the Podcatcher for describing artwork that is placed higher up on the walls or simply beyond close proximity to the visitor. This unified approach has been very effective for simple player distribution in combination with easy and intuitive access to audio content for the visitors.

Another feature that we have chosen to implement with Guide ID is their marketing and post-visit engagement tool called MapMyVisit. With MapMyVisit, our visitors have the opportunity to receive their audio tour at home post-visit for further engagement after they've left the museum.

Overall, the unique combination that the Podcatcher platform provides has proven to be very helpful in achieving our goals related to the visitor experience here at the Rembrandt House Museum.

Pieter de Dreu, Head of education, Rembrandt House Museum

Trinity Church Boston

Boston, MA, USA

We have a popular docent tour program with only one or two tours each day. We felt it was important to share that same information with all of the visitors that walked through our doors. This audio guide has been essential for the understanding of the underlying story of this national treasure. Guide ID has provided the perfect solution for us and we now are able to fully share the history and beauty of this sacred space.
Donna Stenwall, Tour Coordinator, Trinity Church Boston

New York Historical Society

New York, USA

We used Guide ID's Podcatcher's for our 2017 exhibition The Vietnam War. The system worked brilliantly for us. We were able to provide visitors with quick and easy access to multiple audio elements and sync sound videos with this one elegant system. It was also important to us that no headphones were involved since we wanted visitors to be able to talk with each other as they went through the exhibit.

The Guide ID sales and technical support teams were always helpful and pleasant. They spent a good deal of time answering our questions and helping us to plan our program. We would definitely work with them again.
Marci Reaven, Vice President for History Exhibitions, New-York Historical Society

Jewish Museum Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Feedback from our visitors in regards to the Podcatcher device is extremely positive - particularly in regards to the ease of use, the comfortable and light device and the idea to 'collect' content actively via the IDentifier sensors, hence being able to gather knowledge independently.

We are very happy to have Guide ID at our side as a reliable service provider and are more than happy to recommend any collaboration with them.
Barbara Thiele - Head Of Digital & Publishing - Jewish Museum Berlin

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Houston, TX, USA

We were looking for a simple, seamless way to deliver audio in our special exhibitions, and the Guide ID system has been a great solution. Our visitors are happy with how easy the devices are to use, and on the backend, it is simple for us to upload content as needed and access analytic data. Additionally, Guide ID's attractive pricing has enabled us to provide our audio tours at no additional charge to our visitors which has resulted in a dramatic increase in tour usage.
Chelsea Shannon, Gallery Interpretation Specialist, MFA Houston

The National Maritime Museum

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2015 we start working with Guide ID’s Podcatcher. We are very pleased and even more important, our visitors are very happy with the audio tour! The players are small but robust and very simple to use, perfect for the indoors and outdoors. Just as simple to use is the data reporting system and content management system. This feature makes content control easy. The audio tour is available in 11 languages. We wanted to offer in-depth information with an easy device without distracting the visitors; the Podcatcher does all that!
Vera Carasso - Director Museum Affairs - The National Maritime Museum

USS Midway Museum

San Diego, CA, USA

Our guests love our new Podcatchers and the Guide ID team provided a smooth, successful launch of the new equipment. Besides being simple and fun to use they are just the right size and weight for spending 3-4 hours walking around an aircraft carrier! We are excited about the data collection and reporting capabilities of the Guide ID system and look forward to utilizing all the technical functionality of the small but mighty Podcatcher to further enhance our guest experience.
Mark Berlin, Director of Operations, USS Midway

Museum Broekerveiling

Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands

The audio tour is very well received over here! We are very pleased but even more important our visitors are very happy with your audio tour.
Starting from today, June 11th 2015, we are fully working with the audio tour on our boat. Within the organization everybody is getting very easily used to the system... And everybody is very positive!
Lisette Zijp, Curator, presentation and education

The Appeltern Gardens

Appeltern, The Netherlands

Guide ID was enthusiastic about our ideas from the start. We did not want just an audio tour, we clearly wanted something interactive. We are happy that they wanted to develop this with up and MapMyVisit in the result of that.
Ben van Ooijen, Director & Owner

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Wir verwenden die Podcatchers für die Audioführung des Tunnels. Unsere Besucher reichen von große Schulklassen aus bis hin zu zwei Gruppen sowie hin zu alle Alterskategorien. Der Vorteil des Podcatchers ist, dass es für alle geeignet ist. Auch wir sind sehr interessiert in die Ergebnisse der Nutzungsdaten und unserer Umfrage.
Katie Cavanagh, Curatorial Services & Projects, Stockport Council

KPM Erlebniswelt Berlin

Die einzigartige Porzellanausstellung

Wir können den Podcatcher empfehlen, da er einfach zu bedienen ist. Das System erlaubt außerdem einen individuellen und flexiblen Einsatz und Verwaltung von Tondateien sowie dauerhaftes Monitoring
Barbara Gerster , Sales Manager, KPM

Plas Mawr

Conwy, Wales

Wir wünschten uns einen Text mit Charakteren, die während der Führung miteinander und mit den Besuchern interagieren. Genau das ist uns gelungen und wir sind mit unserer Führung äußerst zufrieden. Wir bieten die Führung mit dem Podcatcher als Handgerät an.
David Penberthy, Leiter der Abteilung Kommunikation CADW

Kröller-Müller Museum

Otterlo, Niederlande

Wir wollten zu unseren Kunstwerken und Ausstellungsstücken weitere Informationen zur Vertiefung bereitstellen. Wichtigstes Kriterium war dabei, dass die Handhabung einfach sein musste und die Besucher nicht ablenken durfte. Seit der Einführung haben wir viele unterschiedliche Führungen erarbeitet, da die Erstellung einer Führung schnell, unkompliziert und kostengünstig ist.
Herman Tibosch, Koordinator im Bereich Weiterbildung

Der Königliche Palast

Amsterdam, Niederlande

Der Hauptgrund dafür, dass jedem im Königlichen Palast die Plattform gefällt, liegt darin, dass die Handhabung kinderleicht ist. Nicht nur für uns, auch für unsere Besucher. Wir bieten eine Führung mit allen Höhepunkten und eine Führung speziell für Kinder in acht unterschiedlichen Sprachen an, das hat zu keinerlei Schwierigkeiten geführt. Das bestärkt uns, unsere Führungen stetig auszubauen. Leonie Hangoor, Koordinator